Daily Devotions with award-winning, Gold Medallion
author and scholar, Lee Gugliotto, Ph.D.

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Daily Devotions from the Bible

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CuppaJ Cafe Daily Devotions

CuppaJ Cafe serves the most satisfying Cuppa Jesus in town. We brew up fresh daily devotions, verse-by-verse from the Bible to bring out its full flavor. Then we serve a sample of the text via Internet TV and online meetings to equip you for a deeper, personal learning experience with Christ later. Let the Lord of the beans satisfy your taste for the full aroma and body of scripture. Bon appetit!

How we brew up daily devotions:

  • First, we define words, explain the meaning of figures and symbols, and describe the people, places, and things in the text
  • Then, we lead you on a simple trip through the text
  • Pour out a Christian thought from it, and...
  • Invite you to interpret the text from the writer’s words
  • Finally, we challenge you to spend time in the text alone with Christ later to pour out another and better Cuppa Jesus from the same brew

Five ways to join us for daily devotions

About Us

Dr. Lee and Jolynn Gugliotto

A pastoral team with an international congregation, this couple of visionaries has answered God's call to bring everyone they can to revival.

Dr. Gugliotto was born in Brooklyn, New York, and has served as a pastor, teacher, and lecturer. He has taught classes in biblical languages, theology, and hermeneutics at several seminaries. He is currently President of Empower Ministries. His book, Handbook for Bible Study, was awarded a Gold Medallion, the equivalent of an Oscar for Christian writers, by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association as its international, interdenominational Bible study book of 1996. He has also developed a comprehensive series of Bible helps for children, teenagers, and adults with titles including Bible Study Basics, The Quick Study Handbook and several simplified study guides for various books of the Bible.

Lee and his wife Jolynn enjoy enabling lay people of every faith and age for ministry. So, they frequently present seminars, workshops, and short courses nationally and internationally empowering people to investigate the scriptures for themselves. They believe that Christ-like service relies on a solid foundation of God’s Word.

Lee is an avid amateur astronomer. He develops new and exciting materials for Bible study between travels. He and his wife Jolynn make their home in the North valleys of Reno Nevada where they live with a very large telescope, two mini wiener dogs named "Bambi" and "Buddy", and two feisty cats: "Abby Tabby" and "Miss Kitty".

Message from the founders

My wife Jolynn and I dreamed of serving God with the freedom and mobility of a non-profit ministry. After decades in the pastorate, we longed to break free from regimentation and try our wings. Aside from our travels and engagements, we longed to gather people around God’s Word at the break of day for study and prayer. So, we opened CuppaJ Café two years ago; and folks have joined us daily ever since.
Lee and Jo

Our Services

Daily Devotions from the Bible

Our Services

Serving hot cups of Jesus, brewed fresh daily, straight from the Word

We introduce people to the text so they can study it alone with Christ later in the day. After pouring out a brief devotion, the group savors the text to familiarize itself with its people, places, things and concepts. Then the group gathers the perfect dessert of petitions and praises to pray and sweeten the day.

Services List

  • Live Videoconferencing & WebTV
  • Audio & Video recordings
  • Verse-by-verse analysis with Study Guide Transcripts

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